Team evaluation

One of the reasons that we established Glass Prism was to ensure fairness and reduce discrimination in the workplace for those with neurodevelopmental conditions, which we term as embracing neurodiversity. With a prominent university, we are conducting research to be published shortly into the correlations between roles, organisational environment and position on the neurodevelopmental spectrum. We use this, structured interviewing and other empirical techniques to determine if an individual is likely to be successful in a particular role or alternatively which role would maximise their and the organisation’s potential, regardless of neurodevelopment.

It is also worth considering the unique talents of all individuals, including those diagnosed with a neurodevelpmental condition as they can often have hidden talents or perspectives that make them far more efficient in the right role and environment.

We can evaluate your teams to check their make-up and function to maximise the success of individuals, teams and the company as a whole.

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