Sales Support

Filling in for missing staff or managing a specific project. From senior sales to ITT response, we can offer a comprehensive service to support your sales operation.

Coaching & Mentoring

We work with board members, managers and employees to maximise individual and organisational potential and productivity and to learn how to use your emotional intelligence.

Business Services

Project management, organisational review, strategic planning, product launch: just a few areas in  which we can help you - long-term, short-term or on demand commissions.

Working with you

We work best when we work as part of your team over the medium term, so that we can understand your strategic mission and help you achieve it with your existing team.

Research based

We are conducting extensive statistical research to correlate an individual's position on the neurodevelopmental spectrum with the type of role that similar people excel in.

On-demand and On-going

If you need someone to do a short, one-off piece of work, then we are happy to talk - but we hope that you will become a regular customer with on-going work and special rates.

Why not schedule a discussion with us

We would be happy to take to you about what we can do and to explore options for how we could work together.