Glass Prism is an organisation dedicated to helping organisations to recognise neurodiversity and utilise the special talents of team members with neurodevelopmental conditions, to maximise their potential and to realise the ambitions of the organisation.


UK based organisations are subject to discrimination laws, designed to protect employees from unfair treatment as a result of any condition from which they may be affected. Organisations have been modifying their premises and practices to support those with physical disabilities for year, but few realise that discrimination applies to those with neurodevelopmental conditions as well.

Those with such conditions have often been seen to be disruptive and hard to manage, yet their condition can be a trenmendous asset to any organisation if the individual is in an appropriate role and is managed accordingly.

Glass Prism's mission is to help organisations identify the position of their team members on the neurodevelopmental spectrum and to work with those organisations to maxmise the potential of the team members and the success of their team.

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