Neuraldevelopmental conditions

“Tunnel Vision”, “Hyperfocus”, “Why use one word when fifty will do”:

These are the sorts of phrases that some individuals use or describe themselves or how others describe them.

They are often inducative of a neurodevelopmental condition, which for some can be debilitating and requires drug therapy. There are several different medical conditions that are neurodevelopmental, some – like autism – are also associated with physical disability, while others like Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adult ADHD) have until recently been dismissed as bad behaviour, particularly when affecting children.

Yet in the right environment and with the right role, the unique view of the world and extreme focus that persons with these conditions have, can make them a tremendous asset. It is all about ensuring that these individuals are supported in the right environment and are doing the right role.

This is even more important in the UK, where failure to support those with such conditions can considered discrimination at work under the Equality Act 2010 and can be admissible for industrial tribunal.

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