Enhancing sales through relationships


It is generally accespted that it takes around four times the effort to develop a new customer than to gain repeat business from an existing customer.

Also, business sold on the basis of a strong personal and corporate relationship will usually command higher margins than that sold transactionally.

So how do you move your sales team from a transactional to a relationship approach, in Holden terms: from Level One to Level Four?

There are a number of steps:

  • Determine if the business is appropriate for relationship based selling (most are).
  • Determine which members of the team have the capability and personality to develop into relationship salespeople.
  • Select candidate customers for initial approach and start training.
  • Evolve the team structure, management, metrics and compensation to maximise relationship and transactional selling.

Our consultants’ expertise in this area is considerable, with many examples of success at all levels, contact us for more information.