Working with Young People


Human resources are a company’s best asset, they provide continuity, stability and corporate intelligence. But staff turnover is inevitable and at some point most organisations will look to refresh part of their staff by employing young people. Additionally, organisations that need to reach a young audience will need to emply young people, who can identify with an audience that has grown up in a society quite different from their older friends – one with on-demand expectations of how things should be done rather than a desire to conform to more established ways.

When they start their first job, few young people are equipped with the basic understanding of what is expected from them in the way that most adults are, they will have fewer traditional skills yet generally a greater familiarity with technology and new communication methods, like social networking.

As with all society, young persons’ way of working form a spectrum with those who have a more traditional and longer education on the one end, to those who have been educationally or socially excluded on the other. The hardest to reach is, without doubt, the excluded. So, even if you expect to employ the more traditionally educated young person, set your sights on being able to manage those who have been excluded, as this way you will get the most out of everyone.

Our expertise is extensive:

  • Creating and management of apprenticeship programmes
  • Mentoring and coaching imprisoned young offenders to reduce reoffending
  • Working in all levels of education (schools, universities and colleges) – including as a beacon college governor
  • Creating new learning resources
  • Teaching SCUBA diving to all ages from pre-teen.
  • EMEA corporarte responsibility for entire education sector, including working at all levels from schools to ministerial
  • Coaching and mentoring school students through to their first job.