Practitioners not consultants

The management consultancy sector has become tarnish with the reputation of “… providing a bunch of inexperienced graduates, who ask the company what’s going in and then write it all down in a very expensive report …”. In many cases this may be what the customer needs, but that is not where Glass Prism can add real value.

We offer lifetimes of unique combinations of experience and we work best when we do one of two things or a combination of both. These are:

  • Act as a senior extension to your team to deliver against sales, business development or milestone targets.
  • Transfer the skills that we have acquired to your team members to help grow them so that you can be self-sufficient in the future.

We really don’t like writing a report and then walking off and if just commissioned to write a strategy, we would do so on the basis that we could successfully deliver against that strategy if asked.