Our Ethos

Medical professionals call it the neurodevelopmental spectrum, but we don't like that term as it implies discrimination.

We prefer the term neurodiversity, which expresses the understanding that each and every one of us is "wired" differently and that each and every one of us has unique talents, which can be of great benefits to organisations as well as to society as a whole.

So neurodiversity implies embracing our differences and not shying away from them, it means respecting individuals for who they are and it means making sure that they can maximise their own, and their organisation's potential.

We do this by using emotional intelligence, which is adopting a holistic approach to an individual and ensuring that all past experiences and learning are applied to the current situation and so build on the past on every occassion.

Most of us have a tremedous resource library inside our own minds which we can learn to search and apply to current problems and opportunities.

Our consultants help individuals and, with modification, teams understand how to reach, index and exploit this storehouse of knowledge. Why not get in touch with us to understand more.