Many organisations could benefit from the experience and expertise of those who have worked at senior levels in corporate organisations, yet don’t have the financial resources or the ongoing need to employ such expensive skills on a full time basis.

We consider ourselves to be practitioners, not consultants. Obviously, we are happy to offer help and advice, training and strategy planning, but we believe that anyone offering those services should be a practitioner first and a “consultant” secondly.  Our services are therefore geared towards delivering against one or more objectives or metrics and sharing the risk and reward, by charging low rates at the start and working on a share of GP, when targets are reached. This is often when customers are themselves able to invoice.

We offer our skills, experience and expertise to organisations of all sizes on a flexible basis, taking commissions of any size to assist with resource or expertise shortfalls. We refer to this as ON DEMAND services, which can be a one off commission or an ongoing engagement.

It is very important to us that the engagement is successful, so we will give you an honest appraisal of whether we think there is mutual value in proceeding and will advise against doing so if we believe that we can’t help.

Our ethos is to adopt emotional intelligence and to embrace neurodiversity whenever possible, this means working with organisations, groups and individuals employing our abilities and passing on skills to:

Learn to engage past experiences, skills and knowledge to current problems

Adopt a holistic approach to organisations, groups and individuals

Find the right role for each individual

Understand organisational, group and individual motivation

Maximise Potential

Embrace success


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